Lightning Roulette, yeah keep playing it


Evolution Gaming is a pyramid scheme. All the games are rigged. It has nothing to do with the gambling.

Yesterday they gave 50x cash hunt, 50x cash hunt, 50x coin flip in Crazy Time between 9-15 UTC. Now they are happily collecting again probably for the next 1,5 week. After that they will drop some of those massive wins again when there are not big bet players around. That’s how the machine works. They drop those massive wins to keep the «theoretical rtp» correct, maximize their profit and trick new players.

Sooner or later this whole fucking system crashes down. It’s all corrupted and the biggest scam on earth.


Lol you included a video on my channel. Yes i do collect «golden» stuff once in a while for publication. But ehm this is why i dont play most of these live games at all.

They come with a RTP; a true roulette does’nt have a RTP. It’s more like house-edge. So thats the first red flag. Second is ive watched too many times Rocknrollah play these live roulette games, to just know it’s not really «fair» or as its supposed to be.

On the other hand; a normal roulette offers only 36x your win if it lands in the right number. Lightning does come with 100x or 150x multipliers and that does’nt come for free obviously. Remember no game on any casino will make a loss on the floor.

Fact that they have a complete organisation hosting these live games on it’s own should say enough. Costs have to be paid.


How many time does it have to be explained that all casino games are games of mathematical chance — the maths is making the casino money — THEY DO NOT NEED TO RIG ANYTHING!!!