Should I report Gensis Global casino to the UKGC/MGA


I won one of those «Daily Jackpot» things for €12k a few years ago and had nothing but problems trying to withdraw, was waiting over 3 weeks for verification and then they canceled my withdrawals twice saying it needed to go back to the deposit method (which it was as I only had one card / deposit method). Then they said they paid and that the issue was with their payment provider (same issue as above).

Ended up getting about €8k off them after about 8 weeks of back and forth (I ended up losing €4k in the 8 weeks it took to withdraw, but that’s my fault).

After that I asked them to close my account and never went back. Shortly after that I believe they got a substantial fine off the UK regulator for «Responsible Gambling» shortcomings.

Fingers crossed you get your money, but I wouldn’t game with them after this if I were you!


Thanks Stu.

I use them as the are so active in offer new re-deposit bonuses, but yes will not be using them again.

Confident I used a casinogrounds link to use this site so was looking for advice on here as to weather to report or not worth it.

I did find the dont waste the UKGC time comment from them super annoying and unsure if this would assist or hinder my cash out shame; only one response so far.


Yeah man I know how you feel, personally I’ve actually stopped moving casino sites to get bonuses I just play with raw cash now on 2 websites as I can’t be bothered keeping up with what I can / can’t play and I very rarely ever made the wagering requirements either. I just like knowing that what I’ve won I can cash out straight away etc, but each to their own!

I only just realized they are promoted on CG, which is really disappointing to see considering their fines (two of them I believe) from the regulators. 

You can always open a complaint on AskGambler or ThePogg and that may speed up the process, I may be wrong but I think decisions on POGG are like a type of mediation and as such are binding if the casino itself is signed up to their website, but take a look yourself and see if that’s any help.

They said above that they paid you and the issue is with Worldpay, I noticed that when this happened to me my withdrawls were still showing as pending on their website, so I told them if they had been processed like they claimed they wouldn’t be «Pending» and it was after I pointed this out to them that I ended up getting the money a few days later, you should check that too.

Good Luck!


Thanks guys, in fairness never had a issue with them so am keeping my cool but I found the lack updates and the fact it is showing as processed on my genesis account as annoying.

Add in the fact I had to chase them to find out the money wasn’t going to land (3 times now) and send in a bank pdf showing funds not received you would think they would do their best to pay it out asap; thankfully I can suck up this financial lost but I did spend £1000 on some computer equipment thinking I will get this money shortly so feels like I have lost out twice now lol

Hopefully this is picked up by a CS moderator due to their affiliation and speeds it up for others but yeah I recall them losing their Uk license not so long ago and feels like their best route would be to pay out customers directly (once bank pdf proves not received) and sort out with the middleman thereafter.

But what do I know?? I dont run a successful business or have valued happy I.. lol